Each and every day, we work organically to draw the absolute best quality and flavor from our grapes. There is an art to transforming wine into something grander. A deft touch is needed to recognize and cultivate potential.


We are out in the vineyards almost every day, working mostly by hand. We rely on increased vine density, even when cultivating a new site. It challenges our vines to dig deeper, putting them in a better position to handle nutritional stress and a lack of water.

Since September 2018, we have been certified to put the EU organic seal on our wines.


During the winter months, we use short pruning to lay the groundwork for the quality and volume of the subsequent harvest.


To promote biodiversity, herbs and blooming plants are used as green cover for the vineyards. This not only benefits the landscape, but also promotes a wide range of flora and beneficial organisms.


Intensive canopy management in summer helps prevent mildew and rot issues later. The vines are healthier and more robust, and need less outside help against disease and pests.


A green harvest is used to thin out a portion of the crop. The remaining grapes are better positioned on the vines and develop a more concentrated flavor.

Our Style:
Authentic. Striking.


Recognizing the right moment to harvest is one of one building blocks of a fine wine. The first round of selection takes place in the vineyard.


We work traditionally in the cellar — innovative, yet with little reliance on technology. For the most part we ferment the berries spontaneously using native yeasts. Maturation is primarily conducted in used oak casks. Our wines are moved only rarely, allowing us to forgo filtration. This is essential for creating authentic and highly expressive wines.

Organic, of course.
On solid ground.


The reward for this jammed-packed growing year? That first magical taste of the new vintage. Few things are more satisfying than presenting our new wines to you each year. It goes without saying that our bottles appreciate a little time — deliciously lengthy on the palate now, and ready for cellaring for years to come.